Welcome to Ice Virtual Solutions!

Ice Virtual Solutions is a virtual assistant company proudly serving entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses remotely. With our professionalism and experience, we have the qualifications and skills to offer quality service.

Our Services

From admin to operations, we’ve got you covered! With our experience, we are able to provide you with exceptional service and make your delegation a pleasant experience.

Administrative Support

Admin tasks are some of the popular virtual services we offer. As we handle these tasks, our clients can focus on their core business.

Operations Support

We work with you in workflow planning and process improvements. Our goal is to make your business operations flow smoothly and stress-free.

Calendar & Email Management

We take care of your appointments & correspondence so you never miss an important engagement.

Other Services

Don’t see a service you’d like? Please feel free to reach out to us and ask any questions you may have.

Why Choose Us

Scaling – Scaling should be your top priority and delegating leaves you with time to focus on sales, marketing and overall growth of the business. We help entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses optimize their time and ultimately grow quicker.

Cost Effective – Reduce costs needed to hire full time staff, office space & equipment, and unneeded overheads. Working with a virtual assistant ensures you get dedicated support cost effectively.

Workflows – Delegating means spreading your workload to free up your time. We streamline your workflows so you spend more of your time in revenue generating activities that will grow your business.

Meet Sylvia!

Hi there, I’m Sylvia. 

I am passionate about providing entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses with admin and operations support so they can focus on their growth. I understand that these tasks can take up too much time and be overwhelming, especially when you are trying to scale the business. As a virtual assistant, my goal is to give each client my full attention. We work together as partners for the best possible outcome. 

With my expertise, i provide virtual assistant services that suit your specific needs, with tailored solutions that help your business operate efficiently.

I can’t wait to witness the amazing accomplishments that lie ahead!

Client Testimonials

“Sylvia of Ice Virtual Solutions is a lifesaver! She is fast, professional and always on top of things. She has helped me save on time and focus on my craft. Thank you for the great service!.”
“Sylvia was easy to work with and understood my business needs well. She handled every task efficiently and on time. I would recommend her to anyone in the Real Estate business.”
“Sylvia is hands-on and always ready to help. She has helped me streamline my business through organization and management. Great communication through out the process too!”

Onboarding Process

1. Book a Discovery Call

This is the best time for me to learn about your business and how i can help.

2. Contract Signing

After we have discussed the kind of support you are looking for, i will send you a contract for review & signing, along with an invoice as per the terms agreed on.

3. Let’s Begin

After payment is received, we will have an on-boarding meeting to discuss work specifics and answer any other questions. This meeting is designed to ensure a smooth transition into working together and to set expectations for ongoing communications and collaborations.

Download a FREE Client Onboarding Checklist here that you can use to onboard new clients into your business.

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